• Fine English sparkling wine

  • Adding a unique sparkle to academic celebrations

  • students enjoying their graduation by throwing their graduation caps into the air

    Celebrating academic success

  • Helping to make that special day even more special

  • World-class English sparkling wines for a world-class education

Sparkling wine and celebratory events have always been firm companions. Graduating is a milestone worth celebrating since it marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.

The Graduation Wine Company has been created to celebrate this event by toasting the graduating students ongoing success with a unique twist
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At graduation festivities and other academic events, participants who have strongly identified with the University during their time there, have no way of acknowledging this when celebrating.
We have a solution to the problem.

The Graduation Wine Company’s solution, is offering, recent graduates, Alumni and members of the University’s faculty an opportunity to purchase fine English sparkling wine with a University-branded label, which also carry’s the vineyard logo as a guarantee of quality.
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